Church Timeline

  • 1900Bethel College and Pentecostal Revival

    During the closing months of 1900, a Bible School was founded in Topeka, Kansas, by Charles F. Parham, a Methodist minister. Their only textbook was the Bible. Their search for truth concerning the Holy Spirit led them to the conclusion that the evidence of baptism in the Holy Spirit was “speaking in tongues” as the Spirit gives one the utterance. On New Year’s Day, 1901, the first baptism in the Spirit, accompanied with speaking in tongues, was experienced by one of the students. This set in motion the Pentecostal Revival in modern American church history.
  • 1906Azusa Street

    Groups and individuals from around the country began to ally themselves with this Pentecostal Revival and, in 1906, they officially relocated to Azusa Street in Los Angeles, under the leadership of an African-American pastor, William J. Seymour. Visitors from around the world came to the meetings, and the movement took root on every continent.
  • 1907Louigi Francescon

    Louigi Francescon, a charter member of the Italian Presbyterian Church in Chicago, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1907.
  • 1909Chiesa Pentecostale Italiana Della Fede Apostolica

    In 1909 Louigi Francescon was led of the Lord to Philadelphia, and was responsible for the Revival spreading to Philadelphia’s Italian immigrants. A group of these Italian immigrants began to worship together in a house at 1018 Ellsworth Street under the name Chiesa Pentecostale Italiana Della Fede Apostolica (Italian Pentecostal Church of the Apostolic Faith). This charter group birthed other fellowships and relocated through the years, slowly moving away from services in Italian, until all services were in English.
  • 1914Assemblies of God Formed

    Assemblies of God, a cooperative fellowship of churches formed in 1914 in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where 300 ministers met to organize themselves with the goal of bringing relationship to the churches that resulted from the Pentecostal Revival, which began in the United States in 1900.
  • 1960Calvary is Birthed

    On July 7, 1960, recognizing the value of fellowship and relationship with a large church body of like mind, the church voted to affiliate with the General Council of the Assemblies of God. In 1962, under the leadership of Pastor Anthony T. Calvanico, they adopted the name Calvary Temple.
  • 1966 Edward E. Menaldino was elected pastor

  • 1967 A nursery and kindergarten program was begun

  • 1981 Calvary Temple Christian Academy

    In 1981 the school was expanded to include grades one through six, and the name Calvary Temple Christian Academy was adopted.
  • 1996 Pastor George J. Valco

    Pastor Menaldino served until his retirement in 1996, at which time the current pastor, George J. Valco, was elected.